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Botox Rocks!

By Admin in : Blog, Face, Featured // Feb 25 2011

Thank you for taking time to read my blog! its exciting to be able to blog about my passion of beauty treatments and to maybe help answer some common myths about popular treatments and machines. As much as i would like to update my blog regularly, sometimes my schedule may not permit and i do apologize for that.

So here goes! For my first entry, I would like to talk about one of the most common (and misunderstood) beauty treatments of the 21st Century – BOTOX! Just today in my clinic, i had a patient who was squirming over the mere sound of the word BOTOX. Her exact words “IT’S A POISON!”. It struck me as i sit down in front of my computer to maybe clarify the common myths of this “POISON”.

YES! Botox is a poison… but so are thousands of other medicines that we pop into our system everyday. The truth of the matter is that botox is a deattenuated toxin, which means that the toxin is not dangerous to our bodies anymore. Much like a knife that is so blunt that you can try cutting your hand with it but it will never cause bleeding. Botox was first used by doctors to help to cure medical problems like migranes (it is still being used for that purpose), it just so happened that when they reviewed the patient, they found that they seemed to have caused wrinkles to disappear. That was how doctors and scientist began to see that botox had a way of relaxing the muscles so that the wrinkles do not become so active which usually causes the dreaded wrinkles or age lines. A word of caution however, that the use of botox should still be administered by a trained and experienced MEDICAL DOCTOR as placing the botox in the wrong set of muscles can cause various side effects. These are usually temporary and hardly fatal but undesirable to say the least.

To me, Botox is a wonderful wonderful tool of beauty. A miracle drug to combat the signs of aging. It has so many uses and up to this day, new indications are still being discovered and tested. It is now widely used to give a slimmer jawline, reduce bulky undereyes, minimize pores, give a neck lift, eliminates sweaty armpits and palms and feet…the results, even though temporary are almost immediate and always dramatic. It is one of the main tools a cosmetic doctor should master to give to the patient unrivaled reversal of age. I always say to my patients, ‘ Botox is a miracle drug ‘ ! So as long as you find an experienced doctor to do the botox for you (Call up Allergan and ask for individual doctors that buys the most botox and you will have an idea of who does the most), you will be a happy, younger and refreshed you! After all, when you look good, you will feel good!! B! for Botox and Beauty : )

Dr. Z Teo

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